Development Plans

Comparative Advantage for Economic Growth and Development

The economy is primarily driven by the exploitation of primary products, including agriculture, forestry, mining, and fishing. Agriculture, with a focus on horticulture, is the dominant sector. Coffee is the largest cash crop, followed by cocoa, cardamom, coconut, rice, and chilies. Livestock development is prominent in the Markham Valley, as well as in Wau and Bulolo Districts. However, the province faces challenges of poor infrastructure and weak service delivery often hinder its economic development. Other areas of economic focus include; forestry, fisheries, tourism, and light manufacturing. The mining industry is also experiencing a resurgence with the upcoming Wafi-Golpu mine. To maximize the utilization of limited resources, investments within the Medium-Term Development Plan IV (MTDP IV) will target these sectors, aiming to improve transport, logistics, marketing systems, and utility services, along with the establishment of growth centers. 

Under the Planning and Service Delivery Frameworks, Morobe will develop their five-year Provincial and District Development Plans in alignment to the MTDP IV, and incorporate all the District minimum service needs and strategic economic investment opportunities (See Table below).

Strategic Economic Priorities

Comparative AdvantageSpecific AreasTargets
Commercial Agriculture & Livestock DevelopmentCoffeeIncrease production and downstream processing
Palm Oil Development
Fisheries DevelopmentAquaculture & coastal fisheries processed onshore70% fisheries processed onshore
Forestry DevelopmentForest Products Development100% Downstream Processing
Climate Change
Mining & Petroleum DevelopmentWafi-Golpu MineSupport the development of resource sites and ensure economic benefits
Hidden Valley Mine
MSME & District Growth Centres DevelopmentProvincial and District Market DevelopmentsMSME development
District Growth Centres and MSME Incubation Hub
Financial Inclusion
Village-based Guest Houses and Restaurants
Downstream ProcessingAbattoirProduce value-adding
Aquaculture and Coastal Fisheries ProgramJob creation
Nickel and Other Mineral Products Factories
Trade and InvestmentWawin SEZPromote SEZ and Industrial Hubs
Yalu SEZ
Nadzab SEZ
Labu SEZ
Finschafen SEZ
Lae Manufacturing Industries
Tourism Niche Product DevelopmentProvincial and District Cultural ShowsPromote local and International tourism
Tourism Niche Product Development
Land DevelopmentLand Development, Physical Planning and Rezoning ProgramBankable land
Urban Settlements Management